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Here's something new - for $5 or more per year, you get all of the music I've ever made (including my side projects Toy Camera and Radioseven), all of the new music I make in the future, and subscriber-exclusive content like b-sides, drafts, songs that never made it.

If you subscribe right now, you'll also get an album of 5 tracks I've worked on over the years and haven't released properly. I make a lot of music, so you can expect more albums like this.

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Victoria, British Columbia


Samuel Péloquin
Samuel Péloquin thumbnail
Samuel Péloquin I've really liked what I've heard from you. (I started following your work, on and off, about a year ago.) The subscription method is amazing! :D I'll gladly trying to help out and I hope it helps you continue!
Victoria K
Victoria K thumbnail
Victoria K His music is incredible, but also, he's my adorable little brother. ;)

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